The Beginner

The Beginner

Agrome IQ has helped me to learn more things that I did not know before.

Before working in Agrome IQ, I am not aware of the various ways of farming and how extensive it could be. This is coming from someone who has no experience in gardening at all. I just knew that there is  conventional, vertical and hydroponics for farming. I always thought people would just plant their plants and that’s it, now that I’m working in the Company I have learned that there are particular instructions to do before planting such as sterilizing the coco peat, improving the soil, removing weeds and many other various preparation before planting.

Not only that, with the Bunei’s Wawasan 2035, Agrome IQ has helped me to learn more things that I did not know before. As mentioned in our Wawasan 2035, Brunei wishes the youth could develop more on their development skills, and that was what Agrome IQ has taught me: the whole aspect of agriculture.

I believe youth should realize Agriculture as a potential business as it could help with our future generation since we don’t know what will happen in 20 to 30 years’ time. Food may be scarce by then, and nowadays there are a large portion of processed food out there which can be severe to our health. I trust that by planting your own food, it also helps to promote healthy lifestyle. Who does not want to eat their own produce at the end of the day, and save money? Farming can be made easy. You may start farming even at your own backyard. I too now enjoy farming and grab my home-grown food.

Agrome IQ’s vision is Anyone Can Grow. That is why, Farm Starter Kit has been developed. Regardless of your age and your gender, with the help of the technology and effective methodology that has been designed by the R & D team, you can grow a farm so easily!


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